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Wedding Ceremonies


The wedding ceremony that surrounds your legal marriage or civil partnership is probably even more important to you and your guests than the registration itself. It is during the ceremony that you express your true feelings to one another with personal vows, the exchange of rings and other symbolic rituals. It is the ceremony that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives and not the legal registration.

Many couples, including same-sex couples, think that a wedding in Greece is, quite simply, not possible.

But there is a way to have the wedding ceremony of your dreams in a sun-kissed location in Greece whatever your creeds or principles and however simple and impersonal your marriage or civil partnership registration is going to be.

A celebrant wedding ceremony in Greece is the answer. Not just because a celebrant wedding ceremony is not bound by any traditonal scripts, constraints, prejudices and beliefs, but because a celebrant ceremony is created just for you. Our wedding ceremonies in Greece create the perfect bond between you and your other half.

Our celebrant will create your wedding ceremony around you, making it totally unique and meaningful. She will tell the story of your lives until now; how you met, how you fell in love. And she will encourage you to include your family and friends in your ceremony too, just to make absolutely sure that they will never forget your wedding day either!