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Celebrant Service in Greece

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The Gay Wedding Show in Manchester

Sunday 13th October 8 a.m. and on the first floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Manchester Piccadilly things were looking decidedly brighter than the miserable weather outside.

Trestle tables dressed appropriately in pristine white were sagging under the weight of bright pink Lambrini bottles and the champagne glasses were winking at us in anticipation.

Gino and Mike greeted us with their usual warm hugs and smiles and we knew we were in the right place – the Gay Wedding Show was about to begin!

And what a great show it was.  The ever-flowing Lambrini may have contributed to the party spirit but mostly people were enjoying the day because of the wonderful atmosphere.  Love was most definitely in the air!

And there was so much to see and so many people to talk to.  Who knew you could have so many diverse and wonderful things at your wedding ceremony.  With categories from honeymoons to haberdashery and fashion to photography, there was something for everyone at this show.

White Knot Weddings wasn’t the only celebrant service on show but we were the only celebrant service (with a dash of wedding planner and travel agent thrown in) that is available on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes – in fact, probably the only service of its kind in Greece.

Greece has not yet legalised same-sex marriage or civil partnership which explains why so many couples we talked to on Sunday thought that it wasn’t possible to get married in Greece.  But, as we explained, if you can get your head around the difference between a legal registration of marriage and a wedding ceremony, there is nothing to stop you having the destination wedding ceremony of your dreams in a beautiful, sun-kissed location like Rhodes and registering your marriage either before or after the event.

And if you are victims of the ‘obligatory’ guest-list (yes, we know all about that!), why not ‘do a double’ – ask the guests you know can’t (or don’t want) to attend your sun-kissed ceremony to a low-key legal marriage registration ceremony at your local register office and then ask your closest friends to your wedding ceremony in Rhodes.  It’s not something you have to feel guilty about in our opinion – the people you invite to your legal ceremony will be honoured by that and those you invite to Rhodes will consider your wedding ceremony to be the icing on top of their annual holiday.

Rhodes is not known as an LGBT holiday destination like Mykonos and Lesbos with their respective gay parties and lesbian festivals, it has a much less flamboyant profile but it is probably the most cosmopolitan island in Greece with quaint villages, a medieval city, beautiful beaches and historical sites to visit and a multi-choice nightlife including a casino, beach parties, traditional taverns and nightclubs.

Why not visit Rhodes for a short ‘inspection’ trip during the winter months (and enjoy some sunshine at the same time!).  We would be happy to show you around and you could make your own choices about where to stay, choose your own ceremony and reception venues and check out the other services available for your wedding day.

If you’d like any more persuading into having your wedding ceremony on a beautiful Greek island in the sun please do drop us a line.  If not, we hope to see you again at the next Gay Wedding Show!

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