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Celebrant Service in Greece

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Celebrant wedding ceremonies – who are they for?

Most couples get married because they want to announce to the world that their social status has changed from ‘me’ to ‘us’. They want to call their partner “husband” or “wife” and they want their family, friends and everyone they know to acknowledge them as a couple, as partners for life.

But in every country around the world there are strict rules and regulations surrounding legal marriage and partnership ceremonies and they are often in-equal, biased and unfair.

Examples? A wedding ceremony in a church is for couples of that religion only. A marriage registration at a register office will not permit any references of a religious or spiritual nature. A UK registrar who comes to an ‘approved’ venue to conduct your marriage ceremony can’t hold the ceremony in the open air (the fixed-roof rule). A humanist celebrant is non-religious and will not permit any inclusion of religious terms or references.

Even though equal marriage was introduced in the UK in 2014, same-sex couples are still not permitted to have a church or a civil marriage ceremony in Greece and for this reason most same-sex couples think that they cannot have a wedding ceremony in Greece.

Of course not every couple wants to get legally married but for those who do, do you want to celebrate your love and commitment to one another with the same-old, 10-minute, yawn-worthy civil ceremony with the same words being read for every couple in the same-old (and often expensive) wedding venues?

In the 21st century what choices do we have if we want to celebrate our love and commitment to one another with a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony at a venue of our own choosing?

Firstly, we all need to stop confusing the term ‘marriage’ with ‘wedding’. They are two different things. Marriage (unless you’re talking about food with wine!) usually refers to the legal registration of a partnership. Wedding refers to the ceremony that celebrates a partnership. They can be held separately, or together. In European countries it is quite normal for a couple to hold their wedding ceremony before or after their marriage registration and they are almost always held in different places.

Secondly, we all need an independent wedding celebrant!

White Knot Weddings is an independent wedding celebrant service in Greece that can help you to celebrate your love and commitment in any way you want. No rules. No restrictions. No prejudice.

Our independent wedding celebrant won’t judge you because of your culture, religion or sexual orientation.  She won’t insist on you including (or omitting) certain words or references. You will be completely free to choose your own wedding venue (with or without a roof!). And you won’t have any religious or non-religious beliefs forced upon you – in fact you can make everybody in the family happy by having a combination of both, or even combine elements from two religions or more.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, our independent wedding celebrant will create a wedding ceremony that is unique to you, because every ceremony that she writes is as individual as the couple that it is written for.

Your celebrant will allow you the freedom to do anything you want at your wedding ceremony and will guide you by giving you ideas that you can shape to make completely your own.

At White Knot Weddings, our independent celebrant will make your wedding ceremony as unique as the couple that you are and, of course, it will be beautiful, fun, romantic, meaningful and memorable. And isn’t that what a wedding ceremony is supposed to be all about?

So don’t let the “something old” be your wedding ceremony! If you want a personalised and meaningful wedding ceremony, contact us today.

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